A Simple, Complete Routine

You shouldn't have to leave your first appointment in pain, so we always include an adjustment with the first meeting. The first appointment will involve a detailed interview with the doctor, as well as discussion of any previous treatments. All appointments include:

Pre-adjustment Massage

Before you see the doctor, one of our therapists will massage your biggest problem area, loosening your muscles and increasing the effectiveness of your adjustment.

Electric Stimulation

After your massage, the therapist will place two pads on your skin that send mild electrical currents through your muscle tissue. This treatment reduces inflammation, relaxes muscles, and relieves pain.

Although the sensation is unusual at first, most patients come to look forward to this part of the treatment.

Manual Adjustment

We promise it isn't scary! This is the time where the Chiropractor works with your body, adjusting the position of misaligned joints and stretching out particularly tight areas.

Adjustments can free pinched nerves, even out tilted hips, slide vertebrae back into place and even cure certain kinds of headaches. While adjustments may feel strange, they are rarely painful.

Optional Add-Ons


Looking for that extra "oomph" to really accelerate pain relief? Acupuncture is a proven method for reducing pain and inflammation, and now many insurance plans cover this treatment. We offer acupuncture in conjunction with but not separate from manual adjustments.

Nutritional/Lifestyle Coaching

Getting you feeling your best sometimes involves more than simple adjustments. We would love to help you find the nutritional and lifestyle changes that will really keep you energized and pain-free. This service is free anytime you come in for an adjustment, just ask the chiropractor!

Whether you are experiencing chronic pain, migraines, sports or auto injuries, or just run-of-the-mill back pain, Complete Chiropractic HEalth is the up to the challenge. Located in Saint Paul just off of Grand Avenue, we are easy to reach as well.

They make me feel like a whole new person every time I walk out.  The staff is super friendly too. I can't recommend these doctors enough.

— G.M.